SFC business established in 2007, as a company located in Nicosia. SFC offers quality and affordable products to customers by holding businesses under the constant supervision of quality, service, cleanliness, human relations, and employees are controlled. SFC "Fried Chicken" businesses make a one-stop supplier firms in the supply of all the products used in the quality, cleanliness and hygiene, as well as first-hand controls and checks operate continuously.

SFC is to provide plenty of choices to consumers based on the customer's wishes that can have the most affordable price menu as a brand that has fast food concept. Our goal is to be, affordable, clean, delicious fast food chain that can be. Our product range of fried chicken, wings, burgers, varieties, and fish & chips diet menus are available.

To be Submitted to the franchise in the firm's Qualifications:
Active, dynamic, and will be concerned with the management of businesses of the awareness of our brand to carry the responsibility, who previously served in  our sector. ©2013 - All Rights Reserved